Carbon Fibre

Q: What type of carbon fibre do you sell?
A: Two types : Pultruded or Rolled. Pultruded is generally lower cost and is strong in one dimension i.e. a stiff rod. Rolled is stronger in every axis and is better for twist strength.

Q: Is the Carbon Fibre gloss or matt finish?
A: Rolled tube is Glossy, Sheet & Pultruded rod or tube has a satin / matt finish.

Q: Can I buy shorter lengths of Carbon Fibre
A: Yes - just send your request using the "Contact Us" page.

Q: Can I buy longer lengths of Carbon Fibre?
A: Sorry no, I only stock maximum lengths as shown.

Q: I only want 1 length of Carbon Fibre and you have 5 lengths listed
A: Yes - I sell most types in single lengths, depending on the diameter & length.

Q: I want 1 pack of various sizes of Carbon Fibre
A: Yes - Just send your request using the "Contact Us" page

Q: Do you sell connectors to join Carbon Fibre lengths
A: Sorry no, but you can join lengths using spigots (short lengths of CF rod) and Epoxy Resin.

Q: Do you sell other sizes of Carbon Fibre that are not listed?
A: Sorry no, all the sizes that I sell are shown.

Q: Do you sell larger sheets of Carbon Fibre?
A: Sorry no, the maximum size of CF sheets that I stock is 500mm x 400mm.

Q: Do the Carbon fibre tubes / rods fit inside each other ?
A: It depends on the sizes and type of fit required - please send me your requirements using the "Contact Us" page.

Shipping & Postage

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes - but certain items cannot be shipped internationally due to the physical size.

Q: If I buy several different items at the same time, how much will the postage cost?
A: Where applicable , shipping cost will be combined to a single order value.

Q: When can I expect my order to arrive?
A: Items are shipped within 1 business day of payment. Delivery times vary depending on the service used.

Q: I have not received my items yet (UK)
A: Most items arrive within 2-5 business days. Very occasionally a shipment is "lost" by the carrier and it can take up 2-3 weeks to locate.

Q: I have not received my items yet (International).
A: International deliveries usually take 5-10 business days, but can take up to 4 weeks if customs or other delays occur.