3k Rolled Tubes

Roll Wrapping: involves the applying of resin pre-impregnated composite fibre cloth (pre-preg) around a mandrel. The outer diameter of the mandrel thus determines the inner diameter of the final tube. The mandrel and cloth are then spiral wrapped with a consolidation tape under tension to hold the laminate in place during the curing phase. After curing, the mandrel is extracted to leave the tube ready for machining or finishing as necessary.

Roll wrapped tubes feature multi-axial orientation of the carbon fibres which gives them more uniformly distributed strength ideally suited to more demanding 'real world' applications where load and forces are rarely in only one direction. Typical uses include mast poles, spinnakers, booms, structural racking and many other medium to heavy duty applications. Carbon fibre tubes are a rigid carbon fibre product, they cannot be bent or reshaped in any way.

We stock carbon fibres manufacture tubes with 3k plain (over-one-under-one weave), gloss finish or 3k twill (diagonal pattern weave), satin/matt finish.

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